An x1.7 Yield in 30 Min: Even a Beginner Can Handle

October 24, 202229740 Views

Zephyr enables new school trading on a future platform that beats a path to a wide-reaching predictions market. The Zephyr crypto market predictions platform is an unparalleled Play-to-Earn ecosystem that enables netizens to profit in any market, whether bearish or bullish. There’s no need to own a coin to create up to x24 daily yield with Zephyr while having fun with 30% higher chances to succeed than on crypto exchanges.

Today’s real-world example is a good case in point. One of the newly-minted Zephyr’s adopters made “1.7 x gains

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A Proved Strategy of How to Earn with Zephyr Guessing Space

Zephyr forecasts

The main point I would like to draw attention to is that I am an ordinary Joe in crypto trading. Only occasionally do I get carried away with market analysis for my investment peace of mind. As a crypto HODLer, I somehow have to analyze the market to keep abreast of the latest events.

To my surprise, even minimal wisdom was enough to create a strategy that allowed me to make a profit even in a bearish market. Well, let's move from words to deeds and see how I made x1.7 ROI on the first day after registering on Zephyr.

Step 1: Market Analysis and Trend Determination

Zephyr Market Analyses

The first thing I started with was to explore how market aces view the current BTC situation. Finding the thoughts of several reputable crypto experts or market reviews from pro traders is not challenging.

Obviously, any market analytics by opinion leaders must be confirmed with my (your) personal research. DYOR is a king! While searching for analytics on the market case, I came across several services offering free crypto signals.

Prediction case study #1

This information also came in handy for me. These details were enough to run short-term analyses (30 min - 1 hour) with a few simple indicators on the well-known Good Crypto app. As a result, I determined an approximate market cycle for BTC and figured that the price trend was flat (in sideway) at that point (~$23,400-$22,400) during this period. It seems that a further sideways movement on the chart was simply inevitable.

Step 2: Determine Which Price Level to Select

Determining Price Level

Next, I decided to pick the approximate price of the coin in the previously selected range from $23,400 to $22,400. This way, I closed in the price range before coming up with my prediction and betting 10 USDZ in the BTC pool. Encouraged by the new data, I came close to making a price prediction with BTC to reach $22,900.

Step 3: Guessing Pool Study & Competitors Analysis

Still, I didn't get ahead of things and discovered that $1,000 is too broad a range to predict an accurate price. Apparently, even a slight deviation from the settlement price could knock the bottom out of my efforts if we deal with crypto predictions. Consequently, it became clear that I would need a slightly broader understanding of the potential price change. So, I decided to go deeper with my analysis and assess the bets of my rivals - other pool members.

Here is the screenshot of my pool:

 Guessing Pool Study & Competitors Analysis

‼️ Unlike well-known trading exchanges, Zephyr allows its users to analyze competitors in the pool, their historical performance statistics, and current bet in this exact pool before making any trading move.

For better or worse, another user and I were the only ones in the pool. Of course, the pool was packed with six more participants over time. However, there was nothing left for me but to analyze my only competitor.

My profile at Zephyr

My vis-а-vis turned out to be an old dodger. To my surprise, a user had a fantastic track record – 13 forecasts, and 10 of them were winning. More importantly, this guy made a prediction and put the price of Bitcoin at $22,970. Then, I immediately realized that my expectations for the price did not differ too much from my competitor's beliefs.

Besides, I realized that the BTC downtrend would continue over the next few days and decided to indicate a slightly lower price limit. So, in the first forecast, I assumed the expected price would be at the $27,700 level.

Step 4: Summary - x1.7 ROI within 24h

As a small takeaway, let me list all stages I passed to succeed:

x1.7 ROI within 24h

Whatever it was, I failed to defeat the champ in the first battle. BTC's price stopped at $29,000. However, I still managed to break into the lead and take second place, which eventually increased my investment by 1.7 times. And it’s not rocket science. Sounds good, doesn't it?

Final Words

Zephyr crypto prediction market is a one-of-a-kind Play-to-Earn platform that offers crypto enthusiasts to earn up to x24 daily. More importantly, market trends or volatility will not get in your way, even if you have minimal crypto experience.

Today you are 30% more likely to make money on crypto coins and take profits with Zephyr than on traditional crypto exchanges. Don't buy coins – create yield on their price shifts. No matter bearish or bullish just profit!

Sign up right away, and Zephyr decentralized crypto prediction market will reward you with a $10 Welcome webpt!

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