Frequently Asked Questions

Most Popular Questions

  • What Sets Zephyr Apart from Current Prediction Platforms?
    • The radically improved mechanism for creating forecasts eliminates the influence of crypto whales and early token owners. All users have equitable trading standards while utilizing:

      - Guessing space

      - Wisdom of Crowds data

      - Invest in MVPs feature

      - Polystage staking program

  • What Is USDZ, and Where Can I Buy It?
    • USDZ is what's known as a virtual stablecoin pursuing a steady valuation. USDZ is pegged to the US dollar. 1 USDZ has the exact value of $1.00. Zephyr uses USDZ for creating forecasts and paying fees. Users are free to obtain additional USDZ supplies in-house.


  • What Browsers Do You Support?
    • Zephyr requires advanced browser technology typically provided in the most recent versions of popular browsers, as we intend to deliver the best user experience and visualizations. You are free to run the platform and explore its features with the following browsers.


      Desktop browsers: Mobile browsers:
      - Safari - Safari
      - Chrome - Chrome
      - Opera  - Edge
      - Firefox - Samsung Internet
      - Edge - Opera
      - Samsung Internet - Android Webview
      - Android Webview - YaBrowser
      - YaBrowser - UC Browser
      - UC Browser - Safari (in-app)


  • How Do You Verify a Settlement Result When a Pool Is Completed?
    • The Zephyr platform starts settlement at UTC+0. The system is active for adding new Bids 24 hours before the end of event settlement. What’s more, you can go the extra mile to create an unlimited number of forecasts with any frequency you like. More details on the settlement formula can be found here.

  • What Should I Do When a Forecast Is Completed?
    • Visit the "My Profile" page to redeem your profits for winning forecasts. See the overall rewards earned in the "Total Rewards" section.

  • How Are My Rewards Calculated?
    • The closer your forecast is to the settlement result, the higher your profits. The platform has 30% more winning odds than classic trading platforms, while the top accurate result can witness a 2x gain.

  • Can There Be More Than One Winner in A Market?
    • Yes, there is more than a single winner in a Pool. When a forecast is completed, 60% of users with the results closest to the settlement result will fix the profit.

  • Where Are My Funds After Depositing?
    • Now the platform uses virtual USDZ tokens, while all data is stored in the in-house database. In the following versions, we will come up with:

      - An open database list of forecasts so that anyone can make sure that there is no fraud and data manipulation

      - We will also implement the algorithm for calculating rewards in a pool open for review in the following versions. Everyone will be able to ensure that these conditions do not change

      - We also plan to use a third-party blockchain on which the USDZ token will be implemented.


  • What Happens to My Funds If My Account Was Not Used for A Long Time?
    • Firstly, all the remained active forecasts will be completed, and the platform will reward you following the results of all Pools you entered previously. All funds will remain untouched no matter the stasis period. Bonus funds and referral rewards not subject to limited terms of use will also remain undisturbed.

  • Why Do You Need My Email?
    • Your email is required mainly for user registration and verification. We need users to have valid email addresses to prevent spamming of account registration. Also, your email is your primary identifier in the login process. Finally, your email address is needed to get back into your account if you lose access or get notifications on token sales, giveaways, news, and other perks that may come in handy.


  • Will You Ever Ask for My Account Details?
    • The Zephyr team will never ask you to share your personal or financial details. Do not send your email, or other sensitive information to anyone.

  • What is the ZEPHYR Community Campaign?
    • ZEPHYR's Community Campaign offers a huge $150,000 reward pool. Participants can win a spot in the pre-sale with $100,000 allocated in $ZEPH Tokens and $50,000 in USDT, plus exclusive NFTs, free Magic box rounds, and $Mallow token airdrops.

  • How Does the Campaign Work?
    • It combines tasks on both the Zephyr platform and the Zealy social platform. This includes platform-specific actions like transactions on Zephyr and social engagements like likes, follows, and reposts on Zealy.

  • How Can I Increase My Chances of Winning?
    • Active participation in both platform and social tasks is crucial. Completing a wide range of tasks will help you climb the leaderboard and increase your chances of securing a pre-sale whitelist spot and purchasing $ZEPY tokens at the lowest price.

  • How Do I Join the Campaign?
    • 1. Register for a ZEPHYR account and confirm your email.
      2. Link your Metamask wallet to your ZEPHYR profile.
      3. Visit the Campaign Page on Zealy and start completing tasks.
      4. Regularly check your rank on the Leaderboard on Zealy to track your progress.

  • How Are Rewards Claimed?
    • $USDZ rewards & NFTs will be sent directly to the Metamask wallet linked to your ZEPHYR profile. Please make sure your details are up-to-date. Others will be distributed to your balance on Zephyr.

  • Can new participants still win rewards if they join late?
    • Absolutely! We take weekly snapshots of the leaderboard, giving newcomers a fair chance to compete and win at any campaign stage. Every participant has a shot at our fluffy bounties.