Frequently Asked Questions

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  • What is Zephyr?
    • Zephyr is the platform for creating crypto forecasts and synthetic trading. The platform enables users to profit from coins' price runups, IDO price shifts, NFTs, or iGaming events, while utilizing inclusive market data.

  • What Sets Zephyr Apart from Current Prediction Platforms?
    • The radically improved mechanism for creating forecasts eliminates the influence of crypto whales and early token owners. All users have equitable trading standards while utilizing:

      - Guessing space

      - Wisdom of Crowds data

      - Invest in MVPs feature

      - Polystage staking program

  • What Is USDZ, and Where Can I Buy It?
    • USDZ is what's known as a virtual stablecoin pursuing a steady valuation. USDZ is pegged to the US dollar. 1 USDZ has the exact value of $1.00. Zephyr uses USDZ for creating forecasts and paying fees. Users are free to obtain additional USDZ supplies in-house.


  • What Browsers Do You Support?
    • Zephyr requires advanced browser technology typically provided in the most recent versions of popular browsers, as we intend to deliver the best user experience and visualizations. You are free to run the platform and explore its features with the following browsers.


      Desktop browsers: Mobile browsers:
      - Safari - Safari
      - Chrome - Chrome
      - Opera  - Edge
      - Firefox - Samsung Internet
      - Edge - Opera
      - Samsung Internet - Android Webview
      - Android Webview - YaBrowser
      - YaBrowser - UC Browser
      - UC Browser - Safari (in-app)