Diary of Crypto Newbie: x1.7 Profit on Bearish Market in 40 min

November 14, 202231416 Views

The Zephyr crypto market predictions platform runs as a stand-alone guess space geared towards crypto enthusiasts. The project offers a hassle-free trading flow, seasoned with engaging and gamified ways to yield up to x24 daily on any market trend.

Unlike conservative crypto exchanges, Zephyr adopters have 30% more chances to create profit on their beliefs. The refined Play-to-Earn platform appeared TOP-1 among gamified projects enabling newly-minted users and die-hard fans to yield on crypto trading.

What’s the catch?

Is it so that newbies make profits with Zephyr even in the Bearish market?

Let’s find out! Here’s a case study proving that Zephyr is perfect for creating profit on crypto from scratch.

Working Strategy of How to Earn with Zephyr Guessing Space

Guys, meet Rebecca and her firsthand forecast strategy one can use to profit right away!

Step 1: Predicting Price Movements with TradingView Technical Analysis Summary

Hey everyone! My name is Rebecca. I work as a marketer and, therefore, never stop looking for different ways to expand my horizons. For this reason, crypto has become one of the best discoveries of 2022 for me.

Cryptocurrency is a territory of freedom where everyone has a chance to succeed and earn a couple of extra dollars. As it turned out, my hypothesis was 100% right!

Today I would like to share my experience on the Zephyr platform and how I made x1.7 gains without following complex trading strategies.

“It’s nothing but an easy way to make x1.7 in 40 min!”

Once I started learning the basics of crypto, I analyzed tens of crypto-related articles. On one of these fine days, I got to the best indicators for day trading article on GoodCrypto. It explained the simplest indicators to predict the future price trend of crypto assets.

The review was written in plain English, and all I had to do was test my new knowledge in practice. Unfortunately, most crypto exchanges are designed for more or less experienced traders who generally understand how to make money on crypto trading.

I did not waste time and found a more convenient way to test my approaches. I opted for Zephyr as the platform has one of the easiest trading flows, which is excellent for beginner crypto enthusiasts just like me.

So, armed with a couple of simple day trading indicators, I went to TradingView to check the BTC technical analysis summary. As a rule, such gauges visualize the market situation for a particular coin and demonstrate a potential price change. At the time of the analysis, the BTC case looked like this:

Hardly anyone doesn’t fall in line with me that it’s pretty simple to analyze these n-brainer measuring elements.

Step 2: Guessing Pool Study

Next, I switched to the previously mentioned Zephyr platform. Much to my surprise, Zephyr demonstrates leaderboards of the best traders who have taken top positions at the end of the week or month.

These guys proved their skills in practice; therefore, their predictions were a great starting point. For starters, I chose two MVPs with a good ratio between predictions generated and the number of successful outcomes.

Next, I discovered that both are in the active pool and analyzed their prophecies for upcoming price jumps. As it turned out, it is enough to click on the user's nickname to check the trader's profile in detail.

Here's what my rivals' performance looked like:

User profile link - https://zephyr.digital/profile/0x-c98a29e9/

User profile link - https://zephyr.digital/profile/0x-368672e5/

Step 3: Influencers’ Analysis

My next step was that I wanted to confirm my hunches about possible price changes by studying the opinions of several crypto "gurus." The good news is that expert forecasts appear almost daily, especially regarding Twitter.

It took me no more than 10 minutes to find a couple of predictions about the potential changes in BTC from top experts. Below I have added a few screenshots to demonstrate how these predictions look in real life.

Source: Twitter

Source: Twitter

Source: Twitter

As you can see, all three KOLs (key opinion leaders) assumed that the asset price would break through the resistance line. This strengthened my belief that the cost of bitcoin will rush up.

Step 4: Summary - x1.75 ROI within 24h

Perhaps it's time to bottom-line my first experience with Zephyr. Firstly, I would like to draw your attention to the fact that the tiniest knowledge about crypto did not prevent me from making x1.7, even in a bear market.

Secondly, I tested an alternative price prediction approach based on the analytics of other users on the platform and KOLs' opinions. This whole process took about 40 minutes and allowed me to grow my initial investment by 170%, even with minimal trading skills.

Final Word

Most crypto exchanges don’t care how hard a trading flow may seem to newly-minted crypto traders. This results in one of the biggest challenges for newcomers aiming at creating profit on crypto.

Zephyr crypto market predictions platform is a game-changing project that brings hassle-free trading flow, along with engaging and gamified ways to yield up to x24 daily on coins’ price shifts.

Being a TOP-1 solution among gamified projects, Zephyr has a 30% more chance to yield on crypto price jumps. Meanwhile, users never risk buying coins but rather profit from price changes.

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