Join the Zephyr Community Campaign: A Step-By-Step Guide

July 07, 202441 Views

Hey there, marshmallow Web3 universe explorer!! Welcome to Zephyr, where your adventure into the world of decentralized predictions begins. Prep for an exhilarating campaign filled with sweet bounties and exciting challenges!

Community Campaign Details

Duration: June 25th—July 25th


  • $100,000 in $ZEFY tokens—how sweet it is!
  • $50,000 USDT airdrop—it's raining rewards!
  • Limited Whitelist spots for our token sale!
  • Unique NFTs collection—collect digital gems!
  • $MALLOW token airdrops—delightfully tasty!
  • Weekly Magic Box bounties—surprises every week!

What is Zealy?

Think of Zealy as your toolkit for community magic in the crypto world! It's where you can meet fellow enthusiasts, contribute to the Zephyr ecosystem, and collect rewards as satisfying as a perfectly toasted marshmallow. Central to Zealy are quests—fun, small tasks that earn you XP (points) and strengthen our fluffy community.

How Has Zephyr Merged Zealy & the Community Campaign

We've mixed Zealy into our community strategy to help spread the buzz about our innovative decentralized predictions platform throughout the Web3 world.

Where Should I Start? Register on Zealy!

Joining Zealy is a breeze:

Step 1. Visit the Registration Page: Sail over to Zealy's registration page

Step 2. Click the Create an Account button.

Step 3. Sign up with your email—fast and easy!

Step 4. Provide Your Details: Add basic info and agree to the terms of use.

Step 5. Join Zephyr on Zealy: Once signed in, navigate to the Zephyr page on Zealy via this link.

Step 6. Click the “Join Zephyr Digital“ button and enjoy the fun!

Quickly Setting Up Your Account in Zealy:

Step 1. Click on your account icon in the top left corner and tap on the Account settings tab.

Step 2. Next, find the Linked Accounts tab and press it.

Step 3. Link all necessary accounts in “Account settings“ to complete the social media tasks lightning-fast.

Finally, return to the Zephyr homepage on Zealy. See the gateway to all available missions. Advance through each task and watch your leaderboard progress grow!

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