The Wisdom of Crowds Data: Reshaping Crypto Market Analytics with Zephyr

November 10, 202228941 Views

Zephyr is a decentralized marketplace enabling crypto enthusiasts to profit up to x24 daily from crypto coins’ derivatives. Redefined the Play-to-Earn approach and remolded the predictions market paradigm resulting in the pioneering product – Inclusive Market Analytics Data.

“Consider Trading Creeds of Others & Yield on Your Beliefs”

Unlike most trading techniques that follow TA (technical analyses), Zephyr - a decentralized prediction market, offered its adopters a revolutionized “collective judgment” approach to yield on any market, no matter bearish or bullish. Lack of experience is an issue no more, while netizens have 30% more chances to succeed than on any crypto exchange.

Introduction to Zephyr Inclusive Market Data

Introduction to Zephyr Inclusive Market Data

Aggregated Crowd Wisdom is not a new phenomenon in decentralized prediction markets (DPMs), but something well kept off the radar by all and every crypto exchange. ​​The opacity of internal Policy, insider information for trading, and the manipulation of stop-loss indicators – are far from all the dirty tricks that crypto exchanges can use at the right moment. These are far from all reasons why this kind of data is never publicly revealed.

Crypto daily trading volume peaked at $500 billion in May 2021. This figure comes with enormous user-generated data that can impact trading strategies and accurate market analytics, especially for newly-minted crypto enthusiasts.

Meanwhile, trading complexity remains one of the main obstacles for users trying to make money on cryptocurrency. Being a trader in any market is demanding – only about 1% of all day traders can fix a profit in the long run. Here’s the spot where Wisdom of Crowds Data can join the battle and provide traders with game-changing opportunities!

How Does Inclusive Market Data Work?

Wisdom of the Crowds leans on the doctrine that a group of people possesses a greater level of knowledge than an individual or just a few of them. For this reason, it is easier for a crowd to develop appropriate convictions than just one or two people. Put differently, “collective judgment” can be much more precise than an individual one. Meanwhile, Zephyr offers all users to check collective trading data 24/7. It results in one of the easiest ways to make trading decisions to profit from crypto.

Utilizing “Inclusive Market Data” is a great way to make accurate trading moves, whether a pro trader or a crypto newcomer. E.g., it’s much easier to predict coins’ price shifts as you can check other users' opinions and beliefs.

“Zephyr’s Inclusive Market Data Is a Game-Changer!”

Unlike current DPM (decentralized prediction markets) projects, KOLs (key opinion leaders), or the data analytics services that predict the price of a coin, the Zephyr – a decentralized crypto prediction market, has gone much further. Zephyr gathers inclusive trading metrics on the platform and provides KOLs analytics to offer users unbiased market data following the " Wisdom of the Crowds" principle.

SOLUTION #1: Open and Unbiased Market Data

As a crypto prediction markets project – Zephyr enables its adopters to operate accurate and versatile market analytics to shore up their scoring before making any trading move. In contrast, all existing DPMs and crypto exchanges are also armed with such data but never share it with a user.

SOLUTION #2: Zero Level of KOLs Manipulation

Zephyr also holds arbitrage of top-rated KOLs' forecasts on crypto prices and shares results whether they touch the spot. It's a great chance to back-up crypto newcomers and demonstrates if a so-called expert is a reliable data source.

It's not rare that Key Opinion Leaders put followers on the wrong scent by making highlight declarations on a coin price. Zephyr holds arbitrage of KOLs and accumulates their crypto forecasts to show whether a so-called expert is worth users' trust.

In light of the above, the Zephyr crypto market forecast is a win-win ecosystem for all crypto enthusiasts, whether die-hard or newly-minted ones. Utilizing “Inclusive Market Data” can benefit both:

  • Crypto newcomer – check top traders and follow their trading philosophy before making your own trading moves. A lack of experience in trading or a beginner’s level in crypto doesn’t mean you should let the grass grow under your feet while others yield.
  • Pro traders – analyze unbiased market data on crowd sentiment and trusted opinion leaders and boost your trading performance. Also, check how the other traders put their money where their mouth is and profit from any market trend. Bearish or bullish means nothing as long as you don’t own any asset but profit from its price shifts!

Double Impact: Inclusive Market Data & KOLs Arbitrage

Inclusive Market Data & KOLs Arbitrage Strategy

It's no secret that most predictions from so-called experts in most cases don’t come true. However, their opinions can soundly impact the young minds of crypto enthusiasts. The problem is that no one monitors the effectiveness and performance of such forecasts and their value for crypto traders. Therefore, there is no “filter” helping to separate impersonators from true KOLs and experts.

Zephyr decided to call the bluff of the most steadfast advocates making predictions on Social Media and taking no responsibility for their words. The platform has organized the arbitration of KOLs sentiments, aggregates them, and publishes their opinions in the public domain so that you can keep abreast of the final results.

Now every crypto adopter can check how "experts" managed to predict the expected price shifts on a given date and whether it is worth listening to their opinion in the future. Here is how the arbitrage approach is implemented on the Zephyr crypto prediction market platform:

Meanwhile, the Wisdom of Crowds allows users to grasp the importance of a broad range of thinking and stay tuned for unbiased market data. It also benefits the integration of information, whereby the vast knowledge of separate individuals converts into a larger market data pool.

Harnessing the Wisdom of the Crowd data is an excellent way to build or recalibrate a trading strategy and get the important trading data none of the prediction platforms, crypto exchanges, or market data websites will ever offer.

Now let’s check how Wisdom of the Crowd Data is carried out on Zephyr. Here’s a hassle-free flow one can use:

STEP 1: Check the Dashboard

Checking the Dashboard

Here you can choose a coin of your interest. Let’s say it’s BTC (e.g.).

STEP 2: Proceed to the MVPs of the month and find a top performer. Consider the following:

Looking for a top performer on Zephyr
  • Average, x - the average profit of a trader considering all forecasts during the month expressed in X gains
  • Qty - the number of users' forecasts on a coin price and bids within the month
Leaderbord of traders on Zephyr

STEP 3: Move to the user’s profile and analyze the most vital tabs

Analyzing user's profile in details

STEP 4: Finally, check if you can join an active pool along with “the top trader.” Next, you can consider the forecast of your “trading star” and come up with your own prediction! Ready to try?

Profit Now!

Influencers’ Opinion Screening: A Case Study to Follow

So far, some users have created forecasts based on KOLs predictions. It’s a worthy strategy unless you know which influencer to follow. Today, Zephyr is the ONLY place that offers comprehensive stats on Tier-1 influencers and their predictions. It means you can save tons of time and check whether a particular influencer deserves your trust.

For example, BTC's well-known YouTube blogger with over 1 million subscribers announces some huge price shifts. Next, you have 2 options:

  1. Check tons of web sources to prove or disprove an influencer’s beliefs. It’s a time-consuming task that doesn’t guarantee you anything.
  2. Move to Zephyr and ensure a so-called expert gives worthy predictions. The platform is a one-stop solution that gathers and analyzes stats under KOLs predictions. You can easily find out if a Twitter or YouTube influencer deserves your trust before you put money into your beliefs.

Final Thoughts

It’s tough to profit from crypto, especially when the market faces bearish trends daily… It’s nothing but a myth!

Zephyr is a game-changing platform that enables you to yield up to x24 daily! Now you have a great chance to have fun and earn no matter the market trend prevails. Whether a beginner or a die-hard crypto enthusiast, a hassle-free trading flow, one-of-a-kind Inclusive Market Analytics Data, and Influencers’ Opinion Screening will help you profit and reach the top results.

Ready to give your best shot? It’s easy!

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