Zephyr's Community Campaign: Farm $ZEFY Token Before It Skyrockets!

July 07, 202451 Views

Are you ready to jump in the marshmallowy world of $ZEFY tokens and get a taste before the rest of the market?

The Zephyr Community Campaign is your golden ticket to farming $ZEFY tokens ahead of its listing on Tier-1 CEXs. With a whopping $150,000 prize pool at stake and an oversupply of juicy rewards, this campaign is the versatile blend of fun, community engagement, and profit—all set against the backdrop of Zephyr's upcoming token sale.


What's Cooking? The Zephyr Campaign Breakdown

The Zephyr Community Campaign is a strategic starting point designed to heat things up before the official token sale. Combining social and platform-specific tasks, Zephyr creates an ecosystem where participants can engage, compete, and get some $ZEFY token before a token sale takes place. Whether you're a crypto newcomer or a seasoned crypto guru, this campaign offers a galaxy of rewarding activities tailored to suit all flavors of participation.

Magic Box Rounds: Unbox Your Potential

Each week, participants can unlock Magic Box rounds, which are loaded with more than just points and tokens. Imagine winning:

  • Exclusive NFTs
  • Whitelist spots
  • Year's supply of $ZEFY tokens!

And for those who like to live life in the fast lane, how about a Lamborghini ride or helicopter rental? Yes, you read that right! Participating in these Magic Box rounds could literally skyrocket your crypto journey to new heights.


Climb the Leaderboard, Reap the Rewards

There's something for everyone, from the marshmallow fans to the eager crypto beavers making their way up. Climb the ranks from the top 1-5 to secure the sweetest loot, including up to 10 Magic Box кounds each. Even if you find yourself between ranks 301 and 2000, you'll still grab a piece of the action with a Magic Box Round designed to keep the game interesting.

$Mallow Token Bounties: Sweeten Your Wallet

As you frolic through the marshmallow fields of Zephyr's platform, keep an eye out for $Mallow token bounties. These bounties reward your prowess and activity within the campaign. Top the charts! you could be looking at bagging anywhere from 5,000 to 100,000 $Mallow tokens! It's simple:

“The higher you rank, the sweeter the bounty!”

Token Distribution Done Right

End the campaign on a high note by ensuring your placement secures you a hefty stash of $Mallow tokens. These tokens symbolize your success in the campaign and enhance your standing in the Zephyr ecosystem, making you a pivotal player in the community.

On the Road to Token Sale: Timing Is Everything

The campaign kicks off on June 20th, 2024, leading to the first #ZEFY token sale round on the Coinlaunch pad in mid-July. With the tokens set to hit major crypto exchanges in Q3 of 2024, the timeline gives you ample opportunity to farm, earn, and secure your $ZEFY tokens before they go public.

Why Participate Early?

Getting in on the action early means you benefit from getting the campaign rewards, plus farming $ZEFY tokens before they become the talk of the crypto town. As Zephyr transitions to its public sale, your early involvement and some $ZEFY in your bag could transform into significant gains, giving you an edge on TGE.

Join the Zephyr Community Campaign Today!

Don't miss your chance to be part of this epic part of the upcoming pre-sale journey. The Zephyr community campaign isn't just about winning bounties. It's about being part of a movement to reshape peer-to-peer prediction space.

“Sign up, engage, and let your guessing adventure begin with a bang!”

Ready, Set, Farm!

Are you geared up to join the #1 decentralized prediction ecosystem? Register for your Zephyr account, link your Metamask wallet, and start your quest on Zealy. Keep your eyes on the prize and your fingers on the pulse—Zephyr is about to take off, and you wouldn't want to miss this ride to the moon!

Get involved, stay engaged, and make the Zephyr community campaign the biggest pre-token sale event of the year. See you on the leaderboard, future crypto mavens!

Community Campaign FAQ

What is the ZEPHYR Community Campaign?

ZEPHYR's Community Campaign offers a huge $150,000 reward pool. Participants can win a spot in the pre-sale with $100,000 allocated in $ZEFY tokens and $50,000 in USDT, plus exclusive NFTs, free Magic box rounds, and $Mallow token airdrops.

How Does the Campaign Work?

It combines tasks on both the Zephyr platform and the Zealy social platform. This includes platform-specific actions like transactions on Zephyr and social engagements like likes, follows, and reposts on Zealy.

How Can I Increase My Chances of Winning?

Active participation in both platform and social tasks is crucial. Completing a wide range of tasks will help you climb the leaderboard and increase your chances of securing a pre-sale whitelist spot and purchasing $ZEFY tokens at the lowest price.

How Can I Increase My Chances of Winning?

  1. Register for a ZEPHYR account and confirm your email.
  2. Create a username and verify your email.
  3. Link your Metamask wallet to your ZEPHYR profile.
  4. Visit the Campaign Page on Zealy and start completing tasks
  5. Regularly check your rank on the Leaderboard on Zealy to track your progress.

How Are Rewards Claimed?

$USDZ rewards & NFTs will be sent directly to the Metamask wallet linked to your ZEPHYR profile. Please make sure your details are up-to-date. Others will be distributed to your balance on Zephyr.

Can New Participants Still Win Rewards If They Join Late?

Absolutely! We take weekly snapshots of the leaderboard, giving newcomers a fair chance to compete and win at any campaign stage. Every participant has a shot at our fluffy bounties.

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