Engage Friends to Join Zephyr –
Jump In a $3000 Contest!

Valid until: 2023-03-01 00:00:00 UTC Finished


Place Name Referrals with forecasts Total Referrals Reward
1 nickman 352 1751 900 USDZ
2 0x-8e65bc40 114 612 500 USDZ
3 avatar of _misha_ _misha_ 90 123 300 USDZ
4 0x-fc68f219 29 46 100 USDZ
5 0x-7f5e9811 19 1490 100 USDZ
6 batya 7 28 30 USDZ
7 Cryptomaster 7 21 30 USDZ
8 0x-38252628 6 7 30 USDZ
9 avatar of Paren Paren 3 8 0 USDZ
10 0x-421605a5 3 6 0 USDZ

Prize Pool


Rewards Distribution

The rewards will be distributed to the bonus account in the following way:

Place 1
1st Place
Place 2
2nd Place
Place 3
3rd Place
Place 4
4th-10th Places

* Wild Card: 20 random users who invited 5+ qualified referrals will get $30.

Contest Explained

Following the gamified path of platform development, the Zephyr team runs an exclusive "Invite & Earn" contest. Essentially, registered accounts get a unique chance to earn up to $900 by inviting their mates to join Zephyr.

The trick is that the more referrals you can motivate to sign up on the platform, the higher your chances of getting $900. The results will be updated in real-time and displayed on the "Leaderboard."

No worries if you don't manage to take a leadership position while actively inviting referrals – you still have a chance to get an exclusive premium.

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Terms & Conditions

For any participant to be eligible for running the "Contest," one should strictly follow the Contest qualification requirements.

If you compete for Primary rewards (1st to 10th place):

  • Ten registered referrals with verified accounts and at least one forecast are the minimum number of users to qualify.
  • Qualified referrals can be viewed in the "Referrals with forecasts" column on the Leaderboard, updated in real-time.
  • Total Referrals column will represent the total number of your referrals, both qualified and non-qualified.

If you compete for Wild Card rewards:

  • Five qualified referrals (those who passed sign-up, have verified accounts & made one forecast or more) are the minimum number to qualify for Wild Card rewards.

Note that all referrals you engage will be subject to careful examination. Users caught on cheating, bounty hunting, or any other actions aimed at violating the "Contest" regulations will face disqualification without prior notice.

Ensure your referrals join Zephyr using a unique link and follow the qualification requirements:

  • Sign-up
  • Account verification
  • One or more forecasts

Here are two ways your friends can get funds to come up with the first forecast on the Zephyr platform:

  • Get a 10 USDZ Welcome gift. Ask your friend to sign up and get the bonus. One can check more details about getting the Welcome reward here & here.
  • Deposit an account with 20+ USDZ or more. Your friends need to register and top-up an account on Zephyr. Check details on how to deposit on Zephyr here.

You can check your referrals' status on the Referral dashboard.

Proceed to the bottom of the page to see how your friends progress on Zephyr.

The rewards will be credited to the bonus account as bonus money.

We reserve the right to revise the winning conditions at our sole discretion.

Bonus funds must be used for predictions. Unused bonus funds expire after 30 days.


The contest will be valid until 2023-03-01 00:00:00 UTC

The results of the contest will become available next day after 2023-03-01 00:00:00 UTC, during the day. Winners will be announced on this page and Zephyr social media accounts. All while, the system will transfer rewards to the leaders' bonus balances following their place on the leaderboard.

Contest Duration