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Benefits of Zephyr

As we already told you in the previous article, Zephyr is a one-of-a-kind crypto predictions platform enabling users to forecast coins' prices in a gamified manner, along with other product modules such as Crypto Market Sentiment Analytics, Copy Guessing, as well as DeFi-related and Gamified Earning.

Today, we want to tell you more about the core product of our platform - Guessing Space. With the Zephyr Guessing Space, netizens don't have to buy coins and pay whomping gas fees to earn up to x24 daily on crypto. Here you don't compete with the platform itself. You vie with other fun seekers - just like you!

The main mission of Zephyr is to become a manipulation-resistant environment where users with as low as practicable trading skills can seamlessly profit in the crypto market, get 30% more success odds to win than on classic crypto exchanges, and start making a profit following hassle-free forecasting flow.

Witness virgin speculating principles, an easy-to-navigate platform, and the finest crypto markets with low-end stakes starting from $5 with Zephyr – come and see!

Introduction to Zephyr Guessing Space

Introduction to Zephyr Guessing Space

Zephyr is a next-gen gamified guess space that emerged on the decentralized predictions market scene in 2022. From time beyond record, crypto enthusiasts must learn the ropes of trading on exchanges while fighting an isolated battle with centralized care, complex trading tools, manipulations, front-running, whales, or early token holders.

Zephyr emerged to shift the goalposts and enabled traders of all levels to:

  • Enjoy easy 1-minute onboarding & intuitive fun-to-earn trading flow
  • Compete with other venturers of the same level, not a platform
  • Unzip exclusive & profit-oriented tools for speculating on crypto
  • Witness sound returns (up to x24) and a 60% Win Rate
  • Take the seat among Most Valuable Players on a monthly leaderboard

Zephyr frees the hands of fresh crypto believers from hard-to-grasp classic crypto trading flow while solving some fundamental drawbacks:

  • Complex trading mechanisms. Zephyr offers hassle-free forecasts flow even a neophyte can handle.
  • A tough trading glossary. The platform lacks pro-level trading terminology and has a tooltip balloons system to ease your brain.
  • Price manipulations. Zephyr doesn't offer any odds or price ranges and has zero influence on the settlement price.
  • Profit uncertainty. Zephyr has a clear and mathematically justified model of rewards distribution.
  • Whales & early token holders. The platform eliminates the influence of whales as it offers pools with a differentiated betting system. Plus, you don't compete with Zephyr. It's a multiplayer & interest-bearing adventure, where you vie with mates or other gentlemen of fortune – come and see!

Who Can Benefit from Zephyr?

Who can benefit from Zephyr

The project targets 400+ million crypto enthusiasts on a short-term horizon and welcomes every new adopter with a $10 welcome webpt. Below are the core audiences that can get on the roll with Zephyr.

  • Crypto beginners stack
    Low knowledge newbies" – low crypto awareness level enthusiasts trying to get-rich-click and make x100 with some shitcoins.
  • Common crypto world explorers stack
    Plans to" – people of the street and of the marketplace curious about making a few bucks with crypto.
  • Crypto enthusiasts stack: investirs & traders
    Experienced level:
    • "Crypto Geeks" – tinkerers and testers by nature.
    • "Hard-boiled investors" – own or have owned cryptocurrency and bought it as an investment, suggesting that they see it primarily as a vehicle to grow their wealth.
    • "Chance success HODLers" – people accidentally got rich, having invested in Bitcoin and Ethereum in the early stages and believing in a new era of making a fortune with crypto, NFTs, and DApps.
    • "Happy-go-lucky netizens" – those who try to follow crypto mainstream, show off, and prove that their trading efforts worthen the pain.

Inside the Zephyr – Cryptocurrencies Price Prediction Mechanisms Revealed!

Zephyr offers users a revolutionary crypto predicting system, enabling them to speculate crypto assets without buying shady or skittish coins while earning up to x24 daily in a compelling gaming manner.

How Does Guessing Space work?

Zephyr Forecasting Mechanism

With Zephyr, one no longer needs to risk buying coins or paying exorbitant gas fees. Besides, users have 30% more chances to make much higher "X gains" than classic trading. Let's see how it works!

The fundamental mechanism of the platform's functioning looks simple enough that even a beginner understands how it runs. Once you switch to the platform, you may notice that users can choose between several popular markets.

Currently, the platform offers six crypto assets, and each of them is on everyone's lips.

Zephyr Coins for forecasts

By clicking on the icon of a particular market, for example, BTC, you will see a list of available pools, each of which is formed based on three main variables, namely:

  • Bid
  • Date
  • Price

In addition, each pool contains information about the list of participants, the estimated price, and the forecast date. By the way, you can go to the profile of each of the participants and check their trading statistics. This is a great way to find a top trader and compare your predictions with a leader's before making your own trading move.

Zephyr User Profile

The transparency and honesty of the guessing mechanism lie in the fact that each user has free access to crowd data for each open pool. Thus, the process of making forecasts looks as simple as possible and one where even beginners can make x2 every day.

Generally speaking, all you need to run the platform is to complete a 1-minute sign-up and grab a $10 welcome webpt. Oh, wait a minute and send referral links for friends, as it may help you get-rich-click while frigging around – Up to $1,000 – we kid you not!

What Is the Overall Guessing Glow in the System?

Developing Zephyr, the project team used the best endeavors to build an intuitive forecasting flow that even a newcomer can handle. Basically, all you that is needed to create your first crypto market forecast is to:

  1. Choose a coin of your interest
  2. DYOR (do your own research) the price on a particular date
  3. Check paid or free crypto signals online
  4. Analyze KOLs opinions
  5. Benchmark other users' forecasts on the platform
  6. Put your money where your mouth is
  7. Wait for the forecast settlement

What Markets and Pools Are Available

Zephyr has the following coins under the belt so far:

  • BTC
  • ETH
  • DOGE
  • XTZ
  • BNB
  • SOL

Anyway, the list will be much more diverse (Top 100 hottest coins+) in the upcoming updates. Moreover, everyone is free to suggest a new coin to be added by reaching out to the support team. Zephyr always keeps options open unless the number of applicants is sufficient enough.

Currently, Zephyr has the following Bids available for creating a forecast:

  • 5 USDZ
  • 10 USDZ
  • 100 USDZ
  • 1,000 USDZ

The thing is that it’s not only about Bid grades. It’s more about pools. Since the platform promises some equal opportunities for all Zephyr adopters, it’s clear that big players should compete in a pool with other guys of the same level.

The same goes for newly-minted crypto enthusiasts aiming to create forecasts in pools with a minimum Bid of $5. This way, Zephyr levels out any shortcomings concerning the poisonous influence of whales (a.k.a. users with colossal investment potential).

How Do Prediction Pools Work?

A prediction pool is a place where all Zephyr adopters aiming to profit on a specific coin with the same bid and a particular date are gathered. Here's how pools may look on the platform:

Here’s a brief guide you can use to enter a Pool:

Step 1. Click on the “Pools” button. Check the list of all Pools available.

Press Pool button

Step 2. Opt for a Pool of your interest. Draw focus toward a coin of your choice and a pool “Status” to see if it is active for adding Bids. One can find more details on a pool's possible statuses in the "Pool Statuses" in the project’s Wiki.

Zephyr Pool

Step 3. Take a close look at the Pool details. Analyze the "Liquidity pool" and "Total pool distribution" to see how much funds are already invested in the pool and the total distribution of invested money within the pool.

Step 4. Benchmark other users' forecasts in the pool. This way, you can better comprehend how other users estimate a coin price shift.

Note, you can enter an existing pool or create your own one – it's up to you! Anyway, here's a simple mechanism for how your profit is formed.

"The closer you are to the settlement result – the higher the yield!"

It means that a perfect guess will bring you an x2 from every prediction where you succeed. So, feel free to create multiple forecasts (up to 12 daily) to achieve outstanding scores (up to x24) and rise to the MVPs of the month.

In order to sweeten a pill, the project fetches down trading risks, allowing 60% of users to remain in the black. In other words, 6 out of 10 users in a pool witness from x1 to x2 profit – none of the crypto exchanges can ever offer to you! Looks like crypto market predictions are a maturing means to profit in 2022!

"6 out of 10 users in a pool witness from x1 to x2 profit!"

How does the Settlement work?

The Zephyr platform starts settlement at UTC+0. The system is active for adding new Bids 24 hours before the end of event settlement, while Zephyr adopters have no issues with trading hours as the guessing space runs 24/7.

Once a forecast you entered shows a "Bids are off" status, all you have to do is to wait for a settlement result to appear. Next, you need to visit the "My Profile" page to redeem your profits for winning forecasts. Feel free to see the overall rewards earned in the "Total Rewards" section. Sounds really easy to try, doesn't it?

“How I Made My x1.71 ROI in 15 minutes” – Real-World Example

Real-World Example

If you're

"To make a successful forecast, I have made a few steps. I precisely studied market reviews by trusted analysts and explored free signals based on short-term (30m & 1h) technical indicators via Good Crypto App to determine the market cycle at which BTC was (Uptrend, Downtrend, or Flat).

During this time, the BTC price was in the channel/flat (~$23,400-$22,400), and everything pointed at a continuation of the sideways movement.

So, I just had to determine which price level in a range of ~$23,400-$22,400 to select for my forecast to beat the rest of the opponents in my pool (10 USDZ). Initially, I thought about placing my forecast price in the middle of the range: around ~$22,900.

However, $1k is a significant range, especially for forecasting, where you should select an exact price for settlement, and a deviation of 3% can kill your stake if your opponents are more accurate.

Therefore, I have also decided to analyze the opponents and their forecasts before moving on: at the moment of my prediction, there was only one opponent out of 8 (including me). There was not much data to analyze except his profile and prediction history.

I realized this guy is a prediction champion, with three minor losses out of 13 predictions. And he placed his prediction at $22,970, which was basically near my target.

Also, I expected the BTC price to move to the bottom of the channel during the next two days. So, I placed my price level slightly (as I thought) under the median of the channel at $27,700.

As we can see, I didn't manage to beat the champ, and the BTC price settled slightly above the $29k level. But I still was 2nd most accurate predictor in my pool, so I made x1.71 ROI to my investment, which is not bad."


It is far from necessary that the ways to make money on crypto should be complex and obtainable only to battle-seasoned traders. Today, neophytes can sign up for Zephyr and achieve outstanding results up to x-24 daily on the crypto prediction market.

Here you do not contest with the platform but vie with adventurers the same as you. Zephyr is a gamified forecasting environment where you don't have to buy shady coins and go crazy with excessive gas fees. Sign on, grab a $10 welcome webpt, choose a coin of interest, predict possible price changes and earn money.

Finally, we invite you to get whitelisted for our $ZEPH Token Sale by subscribing to our Telegram group, Facebook, Discord, and Twitter.

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