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Case Study #3: *Combo Trading Strategy that Works on Zephyr | The Way to Earn More!

Zephyr is a decentralized marketplace enabling its adopters to yield 30% more profit than both CEX and DEX crypto exchanges can offer. Here, crypto citizens don't have to purchase coins and bear an additional risk associated with holding an asset as well as pay giant gas fees for transactions.

Moreover, Zephyr adopters can have fun and earn up to x24 daily regardless of market trends. One doesn't vie with the platform itself but opposes other crypto enthusiasts.

The good news is that your opponents on the platform can become the best data source, helping you come up with an accurate forecast!

Today’s case study is not about using one particular platform’s feature but combining the three viral approaches at once:

  • “Guessing Pool Study”
  • “Market Analysis & Trend Determination”
  • “Betting Against the Crowd”

It seems that the time has come to move from words to deeds. Let's look at three practical examples of how you can use the platform and different trading analysis approaches to make money on crypto even without buying coins.

Hands-on Example

Hands-on Example

So, meet Mike! This is a newcomer who joined Zephyr less than two weeks ago. Like most users, Mike started with a welcome reward and spent a "$10 Welcome Gift" with maximum efficiency.

Mike has carefully read our previous users' case studies and tested different approaches. As a result, the beginner managed to increase the bonus funds and double his balance up to $20.

This is an excellent result, given that the user was on the platform for about a week or so. Therefore, we asked Mike to tell us what approaches he used and how effective they were.

“Guessing Pool Study”

"Hey, guys! I'm Mike :) And here's my success story..."

I’ll be honest with you. I am not new to crypto and have already managed to get my hands on Binance and the “RIP” FTX. However, my actual trading experience only came in handy in one of the three methods I used on Zephyr. But first things first.

So, my first approach I called "Guessing Pool Study."

Guessing pool study approach

The point of this strategy is that I analyze pools where other users have already made predictions and indicated the expected price change. Still, I review only Tier-1 guys with good results.

Here’re my three top-level (top traders in the pool based on their previous results) opponents I checked:

#1 maxdavelion

Checking 1-st user's profile on Zephyr


Checking 2nd user's profile on Zephyr


Checking 3rd user profile on Zephyr

As you may have noticed, all three have a great profit performance. That’s just what I needed!

Next, I make my forecast based on the average price.

Here’s a practical example. I tested this approach on a BTC pool with nine users.

It took me less than a minute to determine the average cost of the coin, taking into account the forecasts of competitors, and make my prediction of $20,420/BTC.

It resulted in a – x0.68 profit on the BTC pool.

“Market Analysis & Trend Determination”

Here is the screenshot of my pool:

Market Analysis & Trend Determination

This approach may seem more complicated but only at first glance. Even if you are a beginner, you can quickly figure out how to analyze price signals based on technical indicators.

I usually use the Good Crypto App. This app is excellent for Android and iOS devices. So, I decided to look at the signals for BNB/USDT I found in the app.

Signals for BNB/USDT that can be used on Zephyr

The aggregated Moving Averages price signal was “Strong Buy,” while the Oscillators were neutral.

It seemed to me that the price of the coin was unlikely to fall below $319.00. And since we are dealing with a bear market, I decided to stop at the lower price limit.

I then switched to Zephyr and analyzed the BNB pool with four users. My opponents believed the potential price change would range from $320.00 to $328.80. I applied the average price strategy again and made my own $321.3/BNB prediction.

It resulted in a – x1.5 profit on the BNB pool.

“Betting Against the Crowd”

Finally, we got to the third method, a combined model of the two previous approaches.

The essence of the technique (my own invention) is that I decided to analyze the prediction of 6 opponents in the pool and compare them with the data of price charts.

Betting Against the Crowd

I contrasted information from two sources and made a simple data comparison. I found that the expectations of other users on the platform were too optimistic ($322.00 - $325.75). So, I decided to base my prediction on chart price data only.

It resulted in a – x2 profit on the BNB pool.

The main problem for all newcomers to crypto trading is the difficulty with technical analysis and tons of complicated terms.

Once I read one of the case studies on Zephyr, where a user told how to make forecasts with the most superficial technical + trends analysis.

Superficial technical + trends analysis to use on Zephyr

Those hearing about technical analysis for the first time must have fallen into a stupor. Do not worry. It is not difficult to understand how to conduct fundamental technical research if you explain the basic terms in simple terms.

Let's look at the trends' patterns I analyzed in the third approach, and you will immediately understand the essence of the analysis.

Price channel analyses to use on Zephyr

Pay attention to 2 parallel lines located in the middle of the graph. These lines indicate that the price channel is moving in a downward direction. Simply put, the price showed a decline.

In addition, to find one more argument for the local bearish trend, I have analyzed  RSI performance (Purple chart at the bottom).

And I detected a bullish divergence (when RSI and Price went in different directions), meaning that BNB was overvalued during this period.

Next, the price exited the “Bearish trend” and broke through the Resistance line (Almost at the end of the channel).

At that moment, I realized that the price would continue to decrease for the next day or two, so my prediction turned out to be right on target compared to my Zephyr opponents' beliefs.

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Final Words

Zephyr is a decentralized marketplace where users can earn from crypto without buying it and paying inflated fees. More importantly, unlike crypto exchanges, Zephyr adopters can make up to x24 daily regardless of whether the market is bullish or bearish.

The platform's main feature is that users compete not with Zephyr but among themselves.

Today's case study proves that users who analyze the forecasts of other participants in a pool and compare them with their analysis are among the winners much more often.

However, analyzing competitors in the pool is only one of many tools that can lead you to a win. The most successful Zephyr traders stand for the combined approach: "Charts + Trends + Studying the Crowd Opinion," which can provide much better results!

For our part, we recommend paying attention, not to all participants in a pool at random. It will be better to analyze the most successful traders and check their performance over the past few days/weeks.

The easiest way is to check the “Leaderboard” on the site's main page. Select a few top performers and use their opinion along with your own graphical or technical analysis.

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